Concentrated Chlorella


  • Abundant Food for Your Fish –  This Chlorella product is for feeding crustaceans, which are nutritious food for fishes. On top of that, fully fed crustaceans can steadily propagate. For example, Moina Macocropa can reproduce at the age of 2 days, and give an average of 63 offspring at once. Thus, you will have plenty of crustaceans to feed your fish within a few days, of which price is more worthwhile compared to flake food.
  • High Concentration – Chlorella cells were filtered to remove excessive water to provide a rich concentration that is 10-12 times higher than those of unfiltrated products. Just a small amount of them is effective enough for the whole crustacean tank.
  • Easy to Store and Feed – Just store the product in the refrigerator at a temperature of  41-50 °F (5-10 °C), and feed by directly pouring it into the crustacean tank.
  • Ready to Use – It is available for direct and immediate use, without culture process and additional supplement needed. Hence, it’s suitable for a customer who has limited and less sunny space, or doesn’t have much time.
  • Safety Guarantee – The product is 100% natural. As the manufacturer has run the production of live food in Thailand and has used this same product to feed in our farm, thus confirming that the product is safe for your live food.
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