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  • Best Educational Gift – It’s a perfect gift for kids aged 8+ to learn how living fish hatched and how to take care of them. This product allows kids to hatch and grow Killifish by themselves from the beginning, so they can learn the processes of animal life and the way to nurture their pets.
  • Exceptional as a Pet – Exotic, beautiful, and easy to take care of. Beautify your aquarium with these interesting fish. They can grow up to 2 inches long and will become your new friend in no time.
  • High Hatching Rate – As your great experience starts from the egg, we carefully select each one under the microscope to make sure that every single Killifish egg is healthy and high-quality. Like this, you can enjoy the hatching experience with a high success rate.
  • Easy to Hatch and Grow – No more reading puzzling manuals. Our simple and well-illustrated instructions will provide you easy-to-follow steps, even for newbies. You can get quick access by scanning the QR code on the back of the package.
  • Come with Food, Dropper, And Indian Almond Leaves – The included fish food is fairy shrimp eggs that need to be hatched prior to feeding (Killifish can eat them right after being hatched). The Indian almond leaf helps improve the water quality in your aquarium.