Indian Almond Leaf Powder

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    • Beneficial & Therapeutic Effects – Indian almond leaf powder is obtained from Terminalia catappa tree, which exerts anti-bacterial and antifungal effects, as well as immune boosting property. It therefore prevents the fish from various infections such as fin rot or skin problems. Moreover, Indian almond leaves also contain tannins that help to heal wounds and balance the pH of the water to create an ideal environment for your fish.
    • Very High Concentration – Indian almond leaf powder is made from dry Indian almond  leaves and Acacia catechu, which have been filtered to remove excess water and followed by a spray drying process to make them in powder form. The product is highly concentrated. Each package of 0.88 oz (25 g) serves approximately up to 500 liters of water, which is equivalent to 120 large Indian almond leaves.
    • Easy and Long Storage – The product can be simply stored at room temperature by having the package tightly sealed, and kept away from moisture and sunlight. It is valid for up to 2 years from the manufactured date.
    • Easy to Use and Well-Soluble – Indian almond leaf powder can be added directly into your tank, with no preparation steps needed. It will dissolve quickly without leaving dust or turbidity in the water.
    • Safety Guarantee – The product is derived from 100% natural ingredients. It is friendly to aquatic animals of all ages. We usually add Indian almond leaves into our killifish tanks in the farm, so you can be assured of its safety.