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    • Best Educational Gift  –This product will help you to learn how to take care of the Killifish Nothobranchius and nurture them to grow to amazing fish. It is a perfect educational gift for kids aged 8+ because there is a wonderful way for kids to learn how the Killifish hatched and nurtured. Also, the product will excite kids about the life cycle of a fish, as they watch it hatch and grow from eggs.
    • Exceptional As A Pet  – Killifish are the perfect pet! Exotic, beautiful, and easy to take care of. If you’ve been trying to find some fun and interesting fish to feature to your aquarium. They are only grow to be about 2 inch long and will become your new friend in no time. 
    • High Hatch Rate – We believe your experience is important, and that starts with the eggs. That’s why, our Killifish Nothobranchius Eggs are carefully selected one by one via microscope to produce high-quality hatching rates for your great experience.
    • Easy To Hatching And Growing  – Do you have a hobby that you want to start but don’t know how? Or want to make DIY projects but don’t where begin? Don’t worry! Hatching and growing your pets has never been easier. Get started in no time with our helpful guide. Stop spending hours reading complicated instruction manuals. Our products solve this problem with instructions that are illustrated step-by-step. You can scan the QR code on the box for quick access to instructions.
    • Come with food and Indian almond leaf – The food in the box is fairy shrimp eggs that need to be hatched before fed. Killifish can eat them as soon as they hatch. The Indian almond leaf improves the quality of aquarium water.