Moina Macrocopa Sterilized


  • High Protein – Moina macrocopa is a rich source of nutrients that contains up to 74% protein. This product can provide an ideal nutrition needed for the growth of fish, fry/larvae, and other tiny aquatics.
  • Suit for any Aquatic Pets – Not only fish and fry, but other amphibians and aquatic animals like shellfish, shrimp, crab, and salamander can also be fed by Moina.
  • Increase Fish Survival Rate – Sterilized Moina macrocopa (Moina Jar) is additive-free, chemical-free, and abundant in nutrients, which is equivalent to natural food. You can feed it to larvae/fry to gain a higher survival rate.
  • Easy storage – Unopened products can be stored at room temperature or less than 32°C ( 89.60°F) for up to 2 years without exposure to sunlight. Anyway, products that have been opened must be kept in the refrigerator only.
  • Tempting for Fish – Sterilized Moinas that are fed to the fish will slowly sink as if they’re swimming in the tank. So, they easily attract the fish to come and gobble.